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Dennis, Mike - Sport under Communism, ebook

Sport under Communism

Dennis, Mike


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Contestation in the East German Sports System
Mike Dennis, Jonathan Grix
2. The Political Use of Sport
Mike Dennis, Jonathan Grix
3. The Development of East German Elite Sport
Mike Dennis, Jonathan…

Whitefield, Stephen - Political Culture and Post-Communism, ebook

Political Culture and Post-Communism

Whitefield, Stephen


Political Culture, Post-Communism and Disciplinary Normalisation: Towards Theoretical Reconstruction
Stephen Welch
7. Culture, Experience, and State Identity: A Survey-Based Analysis of Russians, 1995–2003
Stephen Whitefield
8. Yaroslavl’ Revisited:

Herron, Erik S. - Elections and Democracy after Communism?, ebook

Elections and Democracy after Communism?

Herron, Erik S.


Table of contents
1. Understanding Elections and Democracy in Post-Soviet Space
Erik S. Herron
2. Elections under Soviet Authoritarianism
Erik S. Herron
3. Electoral System Design and Redesign
Erik S. Herron
4. Consequences…

Fish, M. Steven - A Quarter Century of Post-Communism Assessed, ebook

A Quarter Century of Post-Communism Assessed

Fish, M. Steven


Chapter 1: What Has a Quarter Century of Post-Communism Taught Us About the Correlates of Democracy?
M. Steven Fish
3. Chapter 2: Post-Communist Transition Under the Umbrella of Uneven EUropeanisation: East Central Europe, the Baltic States and the Balkans

Zizek, Slavoj - The Relevance of the Communist Manifesto, ebook

The Relevance of the Communist Manifesto

Zizek, Slavoj


No other Marxist text has come close to achieving the fame and influence of The Communist Manifesto. Translated into over 100 languages, this clarion call to the workers of the world radically shaped the events of the twentieth century. But what relevance…

Sherman, Alfred - Paradoxes of Power, ebook

Paradoxes of Power

Sherman, Alfred


Thumb through the index of almost any study of the Thatcher years — biographical, scholarly or journalistic — and you will come across the name of Sir Alfred Sherman. In her memoirs Lady Thatcher herself pays tribute to Sherman’s ‘brilliance’,…

Kofmel, Erich - Anti-Democratic Thought, ebook

Anti-Democratic Thought

Kofmel, Erich


Only western democracies for a short while -- from the fall of Soviet communism to the rise of radical Islam -- believed themselves to be invincible. It has therefore become necessary to think about political alternatives once more and to study threats to democracy

Abel, Corey - The Meanings of Michael Oakeshott's Conservatism, ebook

The Meanings of Michael Oakeshott's Conservatism

Abel, Corey


This collection of recent scholarship on the thought of Michael Oakeshott includes essays by both distinguished and established authors as well as a fresh crop of younger talent. Together, they address the meanings of Oakeshott's conservatism through…

Carver, Terrell - Marx, ebook


Carver, Terrell


Karl Marx was the first theorist of global capitalism and remains perhaps its most trenchant critic. This clear and innovative book, from one of the leading contemporary experts on Marx's thought, gives us a fresh overview of his ideas by framing them…