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Sprang, Ginny - Trauma Responsive Child Welfare Systems, ebook

Trauma Responsive Child Welfare Systems

Sprang, Ginny


Culturally Relevant, Trauma-Informed Engagement Strategies for Child Welfare Workers: Moving Beyond Compliance to Engagement with Families Experiencing High Levels of Exposure to Trauma and Stress
Tricia Stephens, Geetha Gopalan, Mary C. Acri, Melissa Bowman,

Kwok-bun, Chan - International Handbook of Chinese Families, ebook

International Handbook of Chinese Families

Kwok-bun, Chan


Sex Preference for Children and Chinese Fertility in America
Zongli Tang
16. Social Stratification and Childrearing Values in Contemporary China
Xiao Hong
17. Support and Care for Aging Chinese: A Comparison of Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei

Ryan, Kevin - Almost Home: Helping Kids Move from Homelessness to Hope, ebook

Almost Home: Helping Kids Move from Homelessness to Hope

Ryan, Kevin


For instance, one kid in the book goes on to become a college football player and counselor to at-risk adolescents and another becomes a state kickboxing champion. All the stories inspire us with victories of the human spirit, large and small. A portion of the proceeds

Clarke, Jennifer - Today’s Youth and Mental Health, ebook

Today’s Youth and Mental Health

Clarke, Jennifer


Public Numbers, Private Pain: What Is Hidden Behind the Disproportionate Removal of Black Children and Youth from Families by Ontario Child Welfare?
Jennifer Clarke, Sonia Mills Minster, Leyland Gudge
12. SOS – Supporting Our Sisters: Narratives from the