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Gibbon, Sahra - Breast Cancer Genes and the Gendering of Knowledge, ebook

Breast Cancer Genes and the Gendering of Knowledge

Gibbon, Sahra


Clinical Breast Cancer Genetics: Patients, Practitioners and Predictive Medicine
2. The Enrolment of ‘Patients’: Visibility, Voice and Breast Cancer Activism
Sahra Gibbon
3. Technologies of the Clinic: Tools, Tests and Explanatory Strategies

Warren, Narelle - Reframing Disability and Quality of Life, ebook

Reframing Disability and Quality of Life

Warren, Narelle


Table of contents
1. Reframing Disability and Quality of Life: Contextual Nuances
Narelle Warren, Lenore Manderson
2. Uncertainty, Vulnerability, and Isolation: Factors Framing Quality of Life with Aphasia in a South African Township
Carol Legg, Claire Penn
3. Disability and Well-Being in Northern Nigeria

Barnett, Ross - Smoking Geographies: Space, Place and Tobacco, ebook

Smoking Geographies: Space, Place and Tobacco

Barnett, Ross


Smoking Geographies provides a research-led assessment of the impact of geographical factors on smoking initiation, duration, and cessation. Using a range of different theoretical perspectives, the authors draw on the burgeoning literatures in the fields of human geography,

Joye, Dominique - Surveying Human Vulnerabilities across the Life Course, ebook

Surveying Human Vulnerabilities across the Life Course

Joye, Dominique


Table of contents
1. Surveying Human Vulnerabilities Across the Life Course: Balancing Substantive and Methodological Challenges
Michel Oris, Caroline Roberts, Dominique Joye, Michèle Ernst Stähli
2. Representation of Vulnerability and the Elderly. A Total Survey Error Perspective on the VLV Survey
Michel Oris,

Clay, Christopher J. - Towards Understanding Community, ebook

Towards Understanding Community

Clay, Christopher J.


‘For All the Women Out There’: Community and the Ethics of Care in the Marketing of a Breast Cancer Fundraising Event
Julia D’Aloisio
7. Contingent Communities: British Social Policy and the Invention of Refugee Communities
Lynnette Kelly

Le, Mai-Nhung - Handbook of Asian American Health, ebook

Handbook of Asian American Health

Le, Mai-Nhung


Evolution of an Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Cancer Advocacy Movement: Heroes Among Us
Susan Matsuko Shinagawa, Alan Y. Oda
30. The Versailles Social Movement and Implications for Asian American Environmental Health In Post-Katrina New

Harrist, Amanda W. - Family Resilience and Chronic Illness, ebook

Family Resilience and Chronic Illness

Harrist, Amanda W.


Translational Research and Clinical Applications in the Management of Cystic Fibrosis
Alexandra L. Quittner, Christina J. Nicolais, Estefany Saez-Flores, Ruth Bernstein
5. Improving Physician Self-Efficacy and Reducing Provider Bias: A Family Science Approach

Turner, Barry - The Statesman’s Yearbook, ebook

The Statesman’s Yearbook

Turner, Barry


Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)
Barry Turner
151. Peterson Institute for International Economics
Barry Turner
152. RAND Corporation
Barry Turner
153. Royal United services Institute
Barry Turner
154. Shanghai Institute for International