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Sjöstedt, Gunnar - Negotiated Risks, ebook

Negotiated Risks

Sjöstedt, Gunnar


Risky Business: Curable and Incurable Risks in the International Mediation of Violent Conflict
Fen Osler Hampson
5. Take the Risk and Trust? The Strategic Role of Trust in Negotiations
Sabine Theresia Koeszegi
6. Prospect Theory and Negotiation

Maclean, Mairi - France on the World Stage, ebook

France on the World Stage

Maclean, Mairi


Facing Global Climate Risk: International Negotiations, European Policy Measures and French Policy Style
Joseph Szarka
12. Pushing Back and Reaching Out: French Television in the Global Age
Raymond Kuhn
13. Globalisation and the Specificity of the French