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Gilmer, Brittany - Political Geographies of Piracy, ebook

Political Geographies of Piracy

Gilmer, Brittany


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Brittany Gilmer
2. Setting the Stage: Studies, Geographies, and Approaches
Brittany Gilmer
3. State of Crisis: Rooting Piracy in Security and Development
Brittany Gilmer
4. Pirate Mania: Global…

Constantine, Helen - French Tales, ebook

French Tales

Constantine, Helen


The book, which includes both well-known and little-known writers, for example Prosper M--eacute--;rim--eacute--;e in the nineteenth century and Anne-Marie Garat in the twenty-first, affords readers a panoramic view of French society and culture, reflecting, as it does, its variety and diversity from