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Laïdi, Zaki - Limited Achievements, ebook

Limited Achievements

Laïdi, Zaki


Table of contents
1. Legacy
Zaki Laïdi
2. White House Tight Rope
Zaki Laïdi
3. No More Monsters to Destroy?
Zaki Laïdi
4. Repudiating the Ideology of September 11
Zaki Laïdi
5. Back from Baghdad
Zaki Laïdi

Böhning, W. R. - Labour Rights in Crisis, ebook

Labour Rights in Crisis

Böhning, W. R.


Human Rights Achievements — Measuring the Four Freedoms as a Whole
W. R. Böhning
8. Achievements in the Area of Freedom of Association
W. R. Böhning
9. Achievements in the Area of Forced Labour
W. R. Böhning
10. Achievements in the Area

Rahnema, Saeed - The Transition from Capitalism, ebook

The Transition from Capitalism

Rahnema, Saeed


Failures and Achievements of the Past
Saeed Rahnema
3. Which Revolution?
Saeed Rahnema
4. Peaceful Transition
Saeed Rahnema
5. Globalization and Socialism in One Country
Saeed Rahnema
6. Which Socialism?
Saeed Rahnema
7. Social

Velychenko, Stephen - Ukraine, the EU and Russia, ebook

Ukraine, the EU and Russia

Velychenko, Stephen


Ukraine’s European Policy as an Alternative Choice — Achievements, Mistakes and Prospects
Oleksiy Semeniy
8. The EU’s Impact on Democratic Transformation in Ukraine
Iryna Solonenko
9. The Fraying Lifeline: Ukraine and the European Union a Year

Frankel, Ernst G. - Managing Development, ebook

Managing Development

Frankel, Ernst G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ernst G. Frankel
2. Development Economics or Unrealistic Dream?
Ernst G. Frankel
3. Economic Trends
Ernst G. Frankel
4. Asia — The Future Center of the World Economy
Ernst G. Frankel
5. Developing Africa — the Global Basket Base
Ernst G. Frankel

Sherman, Alfred - Paradoxes of Power, ebook

Paradoxes of Power

Sherman, Alfred


She credits him with a central role in her achievements, especially as Leader of the Opposition but also after she became Prime Minister. Born in 1919 in London’s East End, until 1948 Sherman was a Communist and fought in the Spanish Civil War. But he ended up an

Beier, J. Marshall - Indigenous Diplomacies, ebook

Indigenous Diplomacies

Beier, J. Marshall


Table of contents
1. Introduction
J. Marshall Beier
2. Forgetting, Remembering, and Finding Indigenous Peoples in International Relations
J. Marshall Beier
3. Communication/Excommunication
Nevzat Soguk
4. The Political Stakes of Indigenous Diplomacies
Mark F. N. Franke
5. Indigenous Diplomacies

Nagao, Shinichi - Politics and Society in Scottish Thought, ebook

Politics and Society in Scottish Thought

Nagao, Shinichi


This volume illustrates the way political and social philosophers of 18th-century Scotland tried to answer the following question: 'What is, and what ought to be, the relationship between the modern market and stable, desirable social order?' The essays belong to the second half of the century and offer a snapshot of the