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Hemsley, Jeff - Going Viral, ebook

Going Viral

Hemsley, Jeff

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We live in a world where a tweet can be instantly retweeted and read by millions around the world in minutes, where a video forwarded to friends can destroy a political career in hours, and where an unknown man or woman can become an international celebrity…

Poerksen, Bernhard - The Unleashed Scandal, ebook

The Unleashed Scandal

Poerksen, Bernhard


In an age of ubiquitous digital media and permanent mutual observation scandals are omnipresent. Everybody can release them, everybody can become their victim. Videos on mobile phones terminate careers, Twitter messages generate outrage, and SMS messages…

Adolf, Marian - Zwischen Integration und Diversifikation, ebook

Zwischen Integration und Diversifikation

Adolf, Marian


Table of contents
1. Mediale Integration auf dem Prüfstand
Olaf Jandura, Manuel Wendelin, Marian Adolf, Jeffrey Wimmer
Part I. Spannungsfeld Medien und Integration im Kontext digitaler Medienkonstellationen: Theorieperspektiven
2. Medien und gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt
Ralph Weiß, Olaf Jandura

Seib, Philip - The Future of Diplomacy, ebook

The Future of Diplomacy

Seib, Philip


Today’s diplomats are obliged to respond instantly to the latest crisis fueled by a YouTube video or Facebook post. This has given rise to a more open and reactive approach to global problem-solving with consequences that are difficult to predict. Drawing on examples

Taylor, Paul A. - Zizek and the Media, ebook

Zizek and the Media

Taylor, Paul A.


His prolific output includes such media friendly content as a TV series (The Pervert's Guide to Cinema) a documentary movie (Zizek!) and a wealth of YouTube clips. A celebrity academic, he walks the media talk.
Zizek and the Media provides a systematic and approachable

Citton, Yves - The Ecology of Attention, ebook

The Ecology of Attention

Citton, Yves


We are constantly drawn towards attempts to quantify and commodify attention, even down to counting the number of 'likes' a picture receives on Facebook or a video on YouTube. By contrast, Citton argues that we should conceptualize attention as a kind of ecology and

Callard, Felicity - The Restless Compendium, ebook

The Restless Compendium

Callard, Felicity


Could Insomnia Be Relieved with a YouTube Video? The Relaxation and Calm of ASMR
G. Poerio
16. Relief from a Certain Kind of Personhood in ASMR Role-Play Videos
E. Bennett
Part III. Practices
17. R-E-S-T and Composition: Silence, Breath and aah …