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Thai, Khi V. - Global Public Procurement Theories and Practices, ebook

Global Public Procurement Theories and Practices

Thai, Khi V.


Table of contents
1. Global Public Procurement Theories and Practices: An Introduction
Khi V. Thai
Part I. Public Procurement as a Public Policy Tool
2. Public Procurement in Lithuania: (Dis)balance Between Profitability and Environmental…

Aoyama, Kaoru - Thai Migrant Sexworkers, ebook

Thai Migrant Sexworkers

Aoyama, Kaoru


Table of contents
1. Introduction: from Personal Troubles to Public Issues
Kaoru Aoyama
2. Modernisation, Gender and Globalisation: Situating the Migrations of Thai Sexworkers
Kaoru Aoyama
3. Before Becoming Sexworkers
Kaoru Aoyama
4. Becoming Sexworkers, Being Sexworkers
Kaoru Aoyama
5. Becoming

Stasi, Alessandro - General Principles of Thai Private Law, ebook

General Principles of Thai Private Law

Stasi, Alessandro


Table of contents
1. General Rules of Thai Private Law
Alessandro Stasi
2. The Law of Obligations
Alessandro Stasi
3. Specific Contracts
Alessandro Stasi
4. Property Law
Alessandro Stasi
5. Family Law
Alessandro Stasi
6. Law of Inheritance
Alessandro Stasi

Bjarnegård, Elin - Gender, Informal Institutions and Political Recruitment, ebook

Gender, Informal Institutions and Political Recruitment

Bjarnegård, Elin


Table of contents
1. Upholding Male Parliamentary Dominance
Elin Bjarnegård
2. Studying Men and Masculinities in Politics
Elin Bjarnegård
3. The Representation of Men Worldwide
Elin Bjarnegård
4. Situating the Thai Case
Elin Bjarnegård
5. Candidate Selection in Thai Political Parties

Malikhao, Patchanee - Culture and Communication in Thailand, ebook

Culture and Communication in Thailand

Malikhao, Patchanee


Mindful Communication and Journalism from a Thai Buddhist Perspective
Patchanee Malikhao
8. Human Trafficking in Thailand: A Culture of Corruption
Patchanee Malikhao, Fiona Servaes
9. Elephants in Tourism. Sustainable and Practical Approaches to Captive

Jolliffe, Pia - Learning, Migration and Intergenerational Relations, ebook

Learning, Migration and Intergenerational Relations

Jolliffe, Pia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pia Jolliffe
2. Sociocultural Learning and Work in the Family
Pia Jolliffe
3. The Value of Schooling
Pia Jolliffe
4. Schools as Sites of Inclusion and Marginalization
Pia Jolliffe
5. Migration for Education and Social Inequality
Pia Jolliffe
6. Education

Ghosh, Lipi - India-Thailand Cultural Interactions, ebook

India-Thailand Cultural Interactions

Ghosh, Lipi


From Indian Mind to Thai Heart: Buddhist Cult to Ganesh Puja
Kanopporn Wongkalasin
7. Understanding Thai Music Through Indian Music
Rangsiphan Khaengkhan
8. Suvannabhūmi: Facts of Linguistic and Cultural Literary

Pickering, Sharon - Women, Borders, and Violence, ebook

Women, Borders, and Violence

Pickering, Sharon


Table of contents
1. Women and Extra Legal Border Crossing
Sharon Pickering
2. The Journey to the Border: Continuums of Crossing
Sharon Pickering
3. Border Policing in the Borderlands: Policing Politically Active Women on the Thai–Burma Border
Sharon Pickering
4. A Gate at the Border?