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Azeem, Muhammad - Law, State and Inequality in Pakistan, ebook

Law, State and Inequality in Pakistan

Azeem, Muhammad


Law Under Modernization: Foundational Discourse (1947–1990)
1. The Law and Judiciary in Pakistan: Beyond a Liberal Understanding
Muhammad Azeem
2. Law in the Era of Capitalist Modernization (1947–1960s)

Baudenbacher, Carl - The Fundamental Principles of EEA Law, ebook

The Fundamental Principles of EEA Law

Baudenbacher, Carl


Table of contents
1. Legislative Homogeneity
Dag Wernø Holter
2. Judicial Homogeneity as a Fundamental Principle of the EEA
Philipp Speitler
3. Reciprocity
Carl Baudenbacher
4. The Principle of Sincere Cooperation in EEA Law

Casolari, Federico - The Principle of Equality in EU Law, ebook

The Principle of Equality in EU Law

Casolari, Federico


The Acknowledgment of the Direct Effect of EU International Agreements: Does Legal Equality Still Matter?
Federico Casolari
Part II. The Structural Aspects of the Principle of Equality in the EU
4. The Procedural and Institutional Dimension of EU Anti-discrimination

Ukaigwe, Jerry - ECOWAS Law, ebook


Ukaigwe, Jerry


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jerry Ukaigwe
2. Sources of ECOWAS Law
Jerry Ukaigwe
3. Institutions of the Community
Jerry Ukaigwe
4. Terrorism, Conflicts and Legal Interventions
Jerry Ukaigwe
5. Human Rights and Other Principles
Jerry Ukaigwe
6. ECOWAS Law and National Laws

Zhu, Dan - China and the International Criminal Court, ebook

China and the International Criminal Court

Zhu, Dan


China and International Judicial Bodies
Dan Zhu
3. State Consent
Dan Zhu
4. Complementarity
Dan Zhu
5. Proprio Motu Powers of the ICC Prosecutor
Dan Zhu
6. Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes
Dan Zhu
7. The Security