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Temple, Mike - Curriculum Focus The Tudors History KS2, ebook

Curriculum Focus The Tudors History KS2

Temple, Mike


The Tudors chapters include: * The Tudor family * Henry VIII * The six wives of Henry VIII * Why did Henry marry six times? * Rich people in Tudor times * Poor people in Tudor times * Compare and contrast Tudor life with life today * Exploration in the Tudor period *

McRobbie, Angela - Be Creative: Making a Living in the New Culture Industries, ebook

Be Creative: Making a Living in the New Culture Industries

McRobbie, Angela


In this exciting new book Angela McRobbie charts the ‘euphoric’ moment of the new creative economy, as it rose to prominence in the UK during the Blair years, and considers it from the perspective of contemporary experience of economic austerity and uncertainty about work and employment.

Besson, Jean - Caribbean Land and Development Revisited, ebook

Caribbean Land and Development Revisited

Besson, Jean


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jean Besson, Janet Momsen
Part I. Historical Perspectives on Land and Crop Production
2. The Importance of the 1897 British Royal Commission
Bonham C. Richardson
3. The Colonial Office and Soil Conservation in the British Caribbean, 1938–1950
Lawrence S. Grossman