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Brunt, Julia - Chronic Poverty, ebook

Chronic Poverty

Brunt, Julia


Understanding Poverty Dynamics and Economic Mobility
Bob Baulch
4. The Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty: An Overview
Kate Bird
5. Does Vulnerability Create Poverty Traps?
Armando Barrientos
6. Assets and Chronic Poverty
Andy McKay

Bourdillon, Michael - Childhood Poverty, ebook

Childhood Poverty

Bourdillon, Michael


Understanding Child Poverty in Developing Countries: Measurement and Analysis
Stefan Dercon
Part II. Dynamics of Childhood Poverty
6. ‘Pro-Poor’ Growth and Children in Developing Countries: The Case of Vietnam
Paul Glewwe
7. Evidence on Early

Carlsson, Jerker - Aid and Poverty Reduction in Zambia, ebook

Aid and Poverty Reduction in Zambia

Carlsson, Jerker


Zambia, a once prosperous African country, now has 73 percent of its people below the poverty line and by the early 1990s, the country had reached a level where the UN General Assembly included it on the list of the least developed countries. With crippling indebtedness amidst poor economic

Kesteloot, Christian - Neighbourhoods of Poverty, ebook

Neighbourhoods of Poverty

Kesteloot, Christian


Milan: Urban Poverty in a Wealthy City
Alberta Andreotti
7. Rotterdam: Social Contacts in Poor Neighbourhoods
Ronald Kempen
8. Paris: Neighbourhood Identity as a Resource for the Urban Poor
Elise Palomares, Patrick Simon
9. London: Deprivation,

Sireau, Nicolas - Make Poverty History, ebook

Make Poverty History

Sireau, Nicolas


The Production of Make Poverty History’s Communications
3. Make Poverty History as Brand
Nicolas Sireau
4. The Tension between Marketing and Campaigning
Nicolas Sireau
5. Radical Outsiders, Moderate Insiders

Folke, Steen - Aid Impact and Poverty Reduction, ebook

Aid Impact and Poverty Reduction

Folke, Steen


Challenging the Injustice of Poverty: Rethinking Aid Strategies
Rehman Sobhan
3. Flexible Standards for Controlled Empowerment? Microfinance as a Case-Study of Aid Management
James Copestake
4. Aid Modalities and the Arts of Government
Jeremy Gould

Clark, David Alexander - Adaptation, Poverty and Development, ebook

Adaptation, Poverty and Development

Clark, David Alexander


Adaptation, Poverty and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from South India
Daniel Neff
Part III. Adaptation and Development: Specific Issues
7. Subjective Well-Being, Disability and Adaptation: A Case Study from Rural Ethiopia
Marcel Fafchamps, Bereket

Lemanski, Charlotte - The City in Urban Poverty, ebook

The City in Urban Poverty

Lemanski, Charlotte


Women in Cities: Prosperity or Poverty? A Need for Multi-dimensional and Multi-spatial Analysis
Sylvia Chant, Kerwin Datu
4. Space and Capabilities: Approaching Informal Settlement Upgrading through a Capability Perspective
Alexandre Apsan Frediani