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Bramlett, Frank - Linguistics and the Study of Comics, ebook

Linguistics and the Study of Comics

Bramlett, Frank


Comics, Linguistics, and Visual Language: The Past and Future of a Field
Neil Cohn
6. Constructing Meaning: Verbalizing the Unspeakable in Turkish Political Cartoons
Veronika Tzankova, Thecla Schiphorst
7. Plurilingualism in Francophone Comics

Fuller, Linda K. - Sport, Rhetoric, and Gender, ebook

Sport, Rhetoric, and Gender

Fuller, Linda K.


“A Glow of Pleasurable Excitement”: Images of the New Athletic Woman in American Popular Culture, 1880–1920
Nancy G. Rosoff
6. A Woman in a Man’s World: “Annie Laurie,” One of America’s First Sportswriters
Mike Sowell
7. White Sauvage-ry:

Caborn, Anne - Values and Choices in Television Discourse, ebook

Values and Choices in Television Discourse

Caborn, Anne


Engaging a Daytime Television Audience via Popular Magazine Programming
Luke Chilton
11. It’s Not a Disaster if It Doesn’t Make the 9 O’Clock News
Clive Jones
12. Commercial Imperatives and Their Impact on the Values of the Contemporary Documentary