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Gauthier, Jacques–Antoine - Families and Personal Networks, ebook

Families and Personal Networks

Gauthier, Jacques–Antoine


Contextualising Personal Networks Across Birth Cohorts and Countries
Vasco Ramos, Vida Česnuitytė, Karin Wall, Dominique Joye
3. A First Portrait of Personal Networks in a Comparative Perspective
Rita Gouveia, Gaëlle

D’Andrade, Roy - A Study of Personal and Cultural Values, ebook

A Study of Personal and Cultural Values

D’Andrade, Roy


Table of contents
1. Introduction—The Initial Puzzle
Roy D’Andrade
2. The Conceptual Framework
Roy D’Andrade
3. Questionnaire Construction
Roy D’Andrade
4. The Three Society Study
Roy D’Andrade
5. The Organization…

Davies, Hayley - Understanding Children’s Personal Lives and Relationships, ebook

Understanding Children’s Personal Lives and Relationships

Davies, Hayley


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hayley Davies
2. Exploring Key Concepts and Understandings
Hayley Davies
3. Researching Children’s Personal Relationships
Hayley Davies
4. Siblings: Bodies, Senses and Emotions
Hayley Davies
5. Navigating Change: Making and Maintaining Connections

Adams, Jane - Emotional Literacy, ebook

Emotional Literacy

Adams, Jane


A must have for every teacher who wants to develop the emotional competence of children in their class. This resource contains 45 lessons - more than enough for one lesson per week! The lessons each contain detailed teachers' notes, warm up games and…