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Walker, Stephen - The Fair-Line and the Good Frontage, ebook

The Fair-Line and the Good Frontage

Walker, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Intro: Bostock and the Good Frontage
Stephen Walker
2. The Fair-Line
Stephen Walker
3. Surface Effect
Stephen Walker
4. From Canvas to Carving, Ornament and Supplement
Stephen Walker
5. Truth to Trompe, Theatre, Spectacle and Illusion
Stephen Walker
6. Spectatorship:

Esterhammer, Angela - Romanticism, Rousseau, Switzerland, ebook

Romanticism, Rousseau, Switzerland

Esterhammer, Angela


Prints, Panoramas, and Picturesque Travel in Dorothy Wordsworth’s Journal of a Tour on the Continent
Pamela Buck
9. Visionary Republics
Patrick Vincent
10. A ‘Melancholy Occurrence’ in the Alps
Simon Bainbridge
11. Manfred, Freedom,

Schlögel, Karl - Moscow, 1937, ebook

Moscow, 1937

Schlögel, Karl


He revisits the sites of show trials and executions and, by also consulting numerous sources from the time, he provides a masterful panorama of these key events in Russian history.

Lozny, Ludomir R. - Comparative Archaeologies, ebook

Comparative Archaeologies

Lozny, Ludomir R.


A Panorama of Social Archaeology in Russia
Nikolay N. Kradin
11. Dig Up–Dig in: Practice and Theory in Hungarian Archaeology
László Bartosiewicz, Dóra Mérai, Péter Csippán
12. Archaeology in the New Countries of Southeastern Europe: A Historical