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Painter, Martin - Challenges to State Policy Capacity, ebook

Challenges to State Policy Capacity

Painter, Martin


Unpacking Policy Capacity: Issues and Themes
Martin Painter, Jon Pierre
2. Capacity Beyond the Boundary: New Regulatory State, Fragmentation and Relational Capacity
Kanishka Jayasuriya
3. Swings and Roundabouts? Multilevel Governance as a Source of

Featherstone, David - Spatial Politics: Essays For Doreen Massey, ebook

Spatial Politics: Essays For Doreen Massey

Featherstone, David


This critical engagement with Doreen Massey’s ground-breaking work in geographic theory and its relationship to politics features specially commissioned essays from former students and colleagues, as well as the artists, political figures and activists…

Painter, Martin - Tradition and Public Administration, ebook

Tradition and Public Administration

Painter, Martin


The Analysis of Administrative Traditions
Martin Painter, B. Guy Peters
Part II. Empirical Analysis of Administrative Traditions
2. Administrative Traditions in Comparative Perspective: Families, Groups and Hybrids
Martin Painter,

Brodskaïa, Nathalia - Félix Vallotton, ebook

Félix Vallotton

Brodskaïa, Nathalia


Although he is best known for his striking and elegantly composed Japanese-inspired woodblock prints, Vallotton was also a skilled painter, creating works that arrestingly combined technical perfection with emotional realism. This seminal text provides readers with

Cheney, Liana De Girolami - Arcimboldo, ebook


Cheney, Liana De Girolami


If, as the famous saying goes, you really are what you eat, then Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593) was a consummate painter of the human soul. This artist was a master draftsman whose finely wrought canvases captured the imagination of his generation. In this fascinating book, Liana De Girolami

Girard, Muriel - Turkish Cultural Policies in a Global World, ebook

Turkish Cultural Policies in a Global World

Girard, Muriel


Circulation of Humanism and Classicism During the Second World War in Turkey: The Case of the Painters’ Homeland Tours (1938–1946)
Bengü Aydın Dikmen
3. Post-Ottoman Heritage(s), “Kemalist” Tourism and Cultural Policies in the Balkans

Lægreid, Per - Governance of Public Sector Organizations, ebook

Governance of Public Sector Organizations

Lægreid, Per


Explaining Autonomy in Public Agencies: The Case of Hong Kong
Martin Painter, John P. Burns, Wai-Hang Yee
7. Determinants of Result-based Control in Italian Agencies
Dario Barbieri, Paolo Fedele, Davide Galli, Edoardo Ongaro
Part III. Performance and

Goldman, Robert - Landscapes of Capital, ebook

Landscapes of Capital

Goldman, Robert


Just as landscape painters of previous centuries captured and expressed new modes of perceiving history, corporate advertisers now devise the imagined landscapes of global capitalism. Advertising functions as an omnipresent discursive form, publicly assembling and