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Franks, David D. - Handbook of Neurosociology, ebook

Handbook of Neurosociology

Franks, David D.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Summaries and Comments
David D. Franks, Jonathan H. Turner
2. Neural Social Science
George Lakoff
3. Why We Need Neurosociology as Well as Social Neuroscience: Or—Why Role-Taking and Theory of Mind Are Different Concepts
David D. Franks
4. Social Cognition and the

Bruner, Emiliano - Digital Endocasts, ebook

Digital Endocasts

Bruner, Emiliano


Table of contents
1. On the Making of Endocasts: The New and the Old in Paleoneurology
Ralph L. Holloway
2. Digital Reconstruction of Neanderthal and Early Homo sapiens Endocasts
Naomichi Ogihara, Hideki Amano, Takeo Kikuchi, Yusuke Morita,…