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Tyler, Colin - The Metaphysics of Self-realisation and Freedom, ebook

The Metaphysics of Self-realisation and Freedom

Tyler, Colin


This first part of Colin Tyler’s new critical assessment of the social and political thought of T.H. Green (1836–1882) explores the grounding that Green gives to liberal socialism. Tyler shows how, for Green, ultimately, personal self-realisation…

Murphy, Richard - Collingwood and the Crisis of Western Civilisation, ebook

Collingwood and the Crisis of Western Civilisation

Murphy, Richard


This book argues that R.G. Collingwood’s philosophy is best understood as a diagnosis of and response to a crisis of Western civilisation. The various and complementary aspects of the crisis of civilisation are explored and Collingwood is demonstrated…

Campos, Andre Santos - Spinoza, ebook


Campos, Andre Santos


Spinoza is among the most pivotal thinkers in the history of philosophy. He has had a deep and enduring influence on a wide range of philosophical subjects, and his work is encountered by all serious students of Western philosophy. His Ethics is one of…

Williams, Howard - Kant and the End of War, ebook

Kant and the End of War

Williams, Howard


The Metaphysics of Morals and the Case for Just War Theory
Howard Williams
6. Bringing the Argument Together
Howard Williams
7. Kantian Perspectives on Foreign Intervention
Howard Williams
8. The Hegelian Premises of Contemporary Just War Theory

Chrysis, Alexandros - ‘True Democracy’ as a Prelude to Communism, ebook

‘True Democracy’ as a Prelude to Communism

Chrysis, Alexandros


The Philosophical ‘Moment’ of Marx’s Theory of Democracy: From the Metaphysics of Law to the Critique of Politics
Alexandros Chrysis
3. The Republican ‘Moment’ of Marx’s Theory of Democracy: From the Critique of Politics to the Theory of the Rational

Gonzalez-Arnal, Stella - Embodied Selves, ebook

Embodied Selves

Gonzalez-Arnal, Stella


Biology and the Metaphysics of Sex Difference
Kathleen Lennon
4. ‘All Human Beings Are Pregnant, Both in Body and in Soul’: The Bisexual Imaginary in Plato’s Symposium
Stella Sandford
5. Personal Identity and Transsexual Narratives

The Global Empire

The Global Empire

Bard, Alexander


The Global Empire is then filled with early examples of this metaphysics already being subconsciously implemented, and the book discusses how almost all ideological constructions are dramatically affected by this necessary change of focus. Everything is from now on

Syntheism - Creating God in the Internet Age

Syntheism - Creating God in the Internet Age

Bard, Alexander


Bard & Söderqvist are now back with a proposal for a complete new metaphysics for the digital age, and it is called Syntheism - Creating God in The Internet Age.