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Blackford, Russell - Freedom of Religion and the Secular State, ebook

Freedom of Religion and the Secular State

Blackford, Russell


Exploring the relationship between religion and the state
Focusing on the intersection of religion, law, and politics in contemporary liberal democracies, Blackford considers the concept of the secular state, revising and updating enlightenment views…

Prokhovnik, Raia - Sovereignty, ebook


Prokhovnik, Raia


It offers a clear survey and evaluation of interlinked debates within these literatures, and provides lively and scholarly interpretations of thinkers including Bodin, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, Foucault and Schmitt. This book will be of interest

Ryder, Richard D. - Putting Morality Back into Politics, ebook

Putting Morality Back into Politics

Ryder, Richard D.


Machiavelli almost succeeded in removing morality from European politics and, indeed, since his day it has sometimes been assumed that morality and politics are separate. Ryder argues that the time has come for public policies to be seen to be based upon…

Oakeshott, Michael - The Concept of a Philosophical Jurisprudence, ebook

The Concept of a Philosophical Jurisprudence

Oakeshott, Michael


This volume brings together for the first time over a hundred of Oakeshott’s essays and reviews, written between 1926 and 1951, that until now have remained scattered through a variety of scholarly journals, periodicals and newspapers. A new editorial…

Martens, Stephanie B. - The Americas in Early Modern Political Theory, ebook

The Americas in Early Modern Political Theory

Martens, Stephanie B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stephanie B. Martens
2. Discovering and Inventing a New World: Post-Columbian Travel Literature
Stephanie B. Martens
3. Unsettling New World: Scholastic Approaches to the Americas
Stephanie B. Martens
4. The Invention of the Natural Man in Political Theory: Hobbes’s

Lukes, Timothy J. - Politics and Beauty in America, ebook

Politics and Beauty in America

Lukes, Timothy J.


Swords and Scabbards: Locke’s Occupation of Shaftesbury and Burke
Timothy J. Lukes
4. Humbug Feminism: P.T. Barnum, Sara Baartman, and Joice Heth
Timothy J. Lukes
5. Hats Off to Jenny Lind
Timothy J. Lukes
6. John Muir and the Beauty of Poison

Hall, Ian - British International Thinkers from Hobbes to Namier, ebook

British International Thinkers from Hobbes to Namier

Hall, Ian


John Locke’s International Thought
David Armitage
4. Moral Sentiment Theory and the International Thought of David Hume
Renée Jeffery
5. Adam Smith on War (and Peace)
Lisa Hill
6. Edmund Burke and International Conflict
Richard Bourke

Fatton, Robert - Religion, State, and Society, ebook

Religion, State, and Society

Fatton, Robert


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robert Fatton, R. K. Ramazani
Part I. The American Experience: The Jeffersonian Wall of Separation between Church and State
2. Thomas Jefferson’s Christian Nation
Peter Onuf
3. Beyond Locke, Beyond Belief
Jack N. Rakove
4. “Separation” Abroad
Robert M.