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Lee, Ann - Will China's Economy Collapse?, ebook

Will China's Economy Collapse?

Lee, Ann


Is it possible that the second largest economy in the world could collapse and drag the rest of the world with it?
In this penetrating essay, Ann Lee explains both why China's economy will not sink us all and the policy options on which it is drawing on to mitigate

Mitra, Ashim - Advanced Drug Delivery, ebook

Advanced Drug Delivery

Mitra, Ashim


Offering a holistic view of the development of drug delivery systems, Advanced Drug Delivery presents the essential aspects necessary to understand and apply for effective drug delivery fundamentals, including practical issues, integration of pharmaceutics,…

Waldrep, Lee W. - Becoming an Architect, ebook

Becoming an Architect

Waldrep, Lee W.

From 46,95€

“Becoming an Architect will inspire future architects, career consultants, and human resources professionals alike, providing all the information you’ll need to make intelligent decisions about careers in architecture.” —From the Foreword by Helene…

McGowan, Lee - Preparing for Brexit, ebook

Preparing for Brexit

McGowan, Lee


Table of contents
1. Leaving Europe
Lee McGowan
2. Understanding Europe
Lee McGowan
3. Planning Brexit, July 2016–March 2017
Lee McGowan
4. Negotiating Brexit: The UK Position, Actors and Objectives
Lee McGowan
5. Wrestling with Europe: Assessing the Response and Positions of the European

Lee, Daphnee - Managing Chineseness, ebook

Managing Chineseness

Lee, Daphnee


The Boys Wear High Heels with Platforms
Daphnee Lee
6. Sunshine, Bananas, and Coconuts
Daphnee Lee
7. Singapore Society in Transition, Really?
Daphnee Lee
8. Indeed

Marsden, Lee - Religion and International Security, ebook

Religion and International Security

Marsden, Lee


Why is this? How and why do so many claim to act on God’s behalf to inflict deliberate human suffering?
In Religion and International Security Lee Marsden explores the return of religion as a major cause of insecurity in the contemporary world. He guides readers

Marshall, Lee - Bob Dylan: The Never Ending Star, ebook

Bob Dylan: The Never Ending Star

Marshall, Lee

From 19,35€

Showing how theories of stardom can help us understand both Bob Dylan and the history of rock music, Lee Marshall provides new insight into how Dylan’s songs acquire meaning and affects his relationship with his fans, his critics and the recording industry. Marshall