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Al-Ali, Nermien - Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management: Step-by-Step, ebook

Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management: Step-by-Step

Al-Ali, Nermien


Learn the fundamentals, practices and models of intellectual capital management with this essential resource. Providing a business-oriented, critical review of the definitions, practices, tools and models that are available today, its approach enables you to understand and retain the cutting-edge

Baert, Patrick - The Sociology of Intellectuals, ebook

The Sociology of Intellectuals

Baert, Patrick


Table of contents
1. Reflections on Patrick Baert’s The Existentialist Moment: The Rise of Sartre as a Public Intellectual
Simon Susen, Patrick Baert
2. The Existentialist Moment Defended: A Reply to Simon Susen
Simon Susen, Patrick Baert

McLennan, Gregor - Sociological Cultural Studies, ebook

Sociological Cultural Studies

McLennan, Gregor


Table of contents
1. Postpositivism and the Idea of Sociology
Gregor McLennan
2. Cultural Studies//Sociology
Gregor McLennan
3. Explanation, Articulation, Imagination
Gregor McLennan
4. Eurocentrism: The ‘Rise of the West’ Revisited
Gregor McLennan
5. Eurocentrism: Postcolonial Theory

Gregg, Melissa - Cultural Studies’ Affective Voices, ebook

Cultural Studies’ Affective Voices

Gregg, Melissa


Communicating Investment: Cultural Studies, Politics and Affect
Melissa Gregg
2. Activating Empathy: Richard Hoggart, Ordinariness and the Persistence of ‘Them’ and ‘Us’
Melissa Gregg
3. The Politics of Conjuncture: Stuart Hall, Articulation

Rodman, Gilbert B. - Why Cultural Studies?, ebook

Why Cultural Studies?

Rodman, Gilbert B.


Why Cultural Studies? is a rallying call for a reinvigoration of the project of cultural studies that provides a critical analysis of its meteoric rise to the academic fore and makes a convincing argument for the pressing need for a renewed investment

Bates, David - Marxism, Intellectuals and Politics, ebook

Marxism, Intellectuals and Politics

Bates, David


Introduction: Marxism, Intellectuals and Politics
David Bates
2. Marx and Intellectuals
Paul Blackledge
3. Lenin, Trotsky and the Role of the Socialist Intellectual in Politics
Ian D. Thatcher
4. Gramsci

Pande, Rekha - A Journey into Women’s Studies, ebook

A Journey into Women’s Studies

Pande, Rekha


Mainstreaming Women’s Studies in Higher Education — The Case of Vietnam
Thai Thi Ngoc Du
10. My Journey in Chinese Women’s Studies
Paul S. Ropp
11. Feminism and Women’s Studies in Japan
Ronni Alexander
12. Working on the History of Chinese

Gray, Jonathan - Television Studies, ebook

Television Studies

Gray, Jonathan


Television Studies provides an overview of the origins, central ideas, and intellectual traditions of this exciting field.
What have been the primary areas of inquiry in television studies? Why and how did these