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Classen, Albrecht - The Medieval Chastity Belt, ebook

The Medieval Chastity Belt

Classen, Albrecht


A Case Study of the History of Myth-Making: Introduction
Albrecht Classen
3. Modern and Medieval Myth-Making
Albrecht Classen
4. Another Myth: the Jus Primae Noctis, or the Droit Du Cuissage (Droit Du Seigneur)
Albrecht Classen
5. The Nature

Dooley, Ann - Constructing Gender in Medieval Ireland, ebook

Constructing Gender in Medieval Ireland

Dooley, Ann


Human Frontiers in Medieval Irish Religious Literature
Jennifer Karyn Reid
9. Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Late Medieval Irish Rómánsaíochtai
Giselle Gos
10. Speaking with Forked Tongues: Gender and Narrative

Oakeshott, Michael - Lectures in the History of Political Thought, ebook

Lectures in the History of Political Thought

Oakeshott, Michael


Oakeshott’s memorable lectures on the history of political thought, delivered each year at the London School of Economics, will now be available in print for the first time as Volume II of his Selected Writings. Based on manuscripts in the LSE archive for 1966–67, the last year of Oakeshott’s

Giffney, Noreen - The Lesbian Premodern, ebook

The Lesbian Premodern

Giffney, Noreen


A “Wrangling Parliament”: Terminology and Audience in Medieval European Literary Studies and Lesbian Studies
Anne Laskaya
4. Lesbian History and Erotic Reading
Lara Farina
5. The Queer Time of the Lesbian Premodern

Kłosowska, Anna - Queer Love in the Middle Ages, ebook

Queer Love in the Middle Ages

Kłosowska, Anna


Introduction: History of Desire, Desire for History: The Queer Cryptology Project
Anna Kłosowska
2. Grail Narratives: Castration as a Thematic Site
Anna Kłosowska
3. Dissection and Desire: Cross-Dressing and the

Arnold, John H. - What is Masculinity?, ebook

What is Masculinity?

Arnold, John H.


The History of Masculinity: An Outdated Concept?
John Tosh
3. Can the Hegemon Speak? Reading Masculinity through Anthropology
Diederik F. Janssen
4. The Whig Interpretation of Masculinity? Honour and Sexuality in Late Medieval Manhood

Pavlac, Brian A. - Game of Thrones versus History: Written in Blood, ebook

Game of Thrones versus History: Written in Blood

Pavlac, Brian A.


Since it first aired in 2011, Game of Thrones galloped up the ratings to become the most watched show in HBO’s history. It is no secret that creator George R.R. Martin was inspired by late 15th century Europe when writing A Song of Ice and Fire, the