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Garrison, Ervan - Techniques in Archaeological Geology, ebook

Techniques in Archaeological Geology

Garrison, Ervan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ervan Garrison
2. The Geomorphological and Geological Context
Ervan Garrison
3. Sediments, Soils, and Stratigraphy in Archaeological Geology
Ervan Garrison
4. Techniques for Archaeological Sediments…

Spooner, Alecia M. - Geologie für Dummies, ebook

Geologie für Dummies

Spooner, Alecia M.


Fragen Sie sich auch manchmal, warum die Erde so aussieht wie sie aussieht? Eiszeiten, Vulkanismus, Erosion, Meteoriteneinschläge - unser Planet hat in seiner Geschichte schon einiges mitgemacht. Und so vielgestaltig die Erde aussieht, so umfangreich…

Desrosiers, Pierre M. - The Emergence of Pressure Blade Making, ebook

The Emergence of Pressure Blade Making

Desrosiers, Pierre M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Breaking Stones Without Striking Them
Pierre M. Desrosiers
2. Pressure Débitage in the Old World: Forerunners, Researchers, Geopolitics – Handing on the Baton
Marie-Louise Inizan
3. Stoneworkers’…

Hurtig, Janise - Coming of Age in Times of Crisis, ebook

Coming of Age in Times of Crisis

Hurtig, Janise


Table of contents
1. Coming of Age: Concepts and Contradictions
Janise Hurtig
2. Santa Lucía: A Certain Place in Uncertain Times
Janise Hurtig
3. Becoming Secondary School Students
Janise Hurtig
4. Pedagogy and Patriarchy

Klemm, Rosemarie - Gold and Gold Mining in Ancient Egypt and Nubia, ebook

Gold and Gold Mining in Ancient Egypt and Nubia

Klemm, Rosemarie


On the Regional Geology and Genesis of Gold Deposits in Egypt and Nubian Sudan
Rosemarie Klemm, Dietrich Klemm
4. Analyses of Gold and Observations on Ancient Egyptian Gold Metallurgy
Rosemarie Klemm, Dietrich Klemm
5. Gold Production Sites and Gold

Renouf, M. A. P. - The Cultural Landscapes of Port au Choix, ebook

The Cultural Landscapes of Port au Choix

Renouf, M. A. P.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Archaeology at Port au Choix
M. A. P. Renouf
2. By Land and Sea: Landscape and Marine Environmental Perspectives on Port au Choix Archaeology
Trevor Bell, M. A. P. Renouf
3. Across the Tickle: The…

Lasaponara, Rosa - The Ancient Nasca World, ebook

The Ancient Nasca World

Lasaponara, Rosa


Table of contents
1. Thirty Years of Investigations in Nasca: From Proyecto Nasca to the ITACA Mission
Giuseppe Orefici, Nicola Masini, Rosa Lasaponara
2. The Nasca Area and Its Environment
Giuseppe Orefici, Josué Lancho Rojas
3. The Geology of Cahuachi
Marco Delle Rose
4. Nasca Historical and Cultural