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Urry, John - What is the Future?, ebook

What is the Future?

Urry, John


Thinking about the future is essential for almost all organizations and societies. States, corporations, universities, cities, NGOs and individuals believe they cannot miss the future. But what exactly is the future?

O'Connor, Maeve - The Future of Philanthropic Foundations, ebook

The Future of Philanthropic Foundations

O'Connor, Maeve


The Novartis Foundation Series is a popular collection of the proceedings from Novartis Foundation Symposia, in which groups of leading scientists from a range of topics across biology, chemistry and medicine assembled to present papers and discuss results.…

Walby, Sylvia - The Future of Feminism, ebook

The Future of Feminism

Walby, Sylvia


In The Future of Feminism, Sylvia Walby offers a provocative riposte to the notion that feminism is dead. Substantiating her arguments with evidence of the vibrancy of contemporary feminism in civil society and beyond, she provides a succinct yet comprehensive critical

Tonry, Michael - The Future of Imprisonment, ebook

The Future of Imprisonment

Tonry, Michael


Has the Prison a Future, Michael Tonry Part I: How Much Imprisonment is Too Much? 2. Crime, Law and the Community: Dynamics of Incarceration in New York City, Jeffrey Fagan 3. Restoring Rationality in Punishment Policy, Alfred Blumstein Part II: Going In 4.

Rose, Nikolas - Our Psychiatric Future, ebook

Our Psychiatric Future

Rose, Nikolas


The answers we find to these pressing questions will shape the psychiatric futures that are being brought into existence. Ultimately, this book proposes a radically different future, no less evidence-based or rigorous, and indeed

Gray, Colin S. - The Future of Strategy, ebook

The Future of Strategy

Gray, Colin S.


Looking to the future, he argues that strategy will continue to provide a vital tool-kit for survival and security, but that the global threat posed by nuclear weapons remains an on-going challenge without obvious practical solutions.  As Gray boldy asserts, there

Giddings, Philip - The Future of Parliament, ebook

The Future of Parliament

Giddings, Philip


Table of contents
Part I. Prospects for Change
1. Forty Years On and a Future Agenda
Michael Ryle
2. What of Parliament’s Future?
Nevil Johnson
Part II. A Changing Parliament?
3. The Make-Up of Parliament
Philip Giddings
4. Career Patterns and Professionalisation
Michael Rush
5. A Changing

Seib, Philip - The Future of Diplomacy, ebook

The Future of Diplomacy

Seib, Philip


In this crisp and insightful analysis, Philip Seib, one of the world’s top experts on media and foreign policy, explores the future of diplomacy in our hyper-connected world. He shows how the focus of diplomatic practice has shifted away from the closed-door, top-level

Outhwaite, William - The Future of Society, ebook

The Future of Society

Outhwaite, William


This important Manifesto argues that we still need a concept of society in order to make sense of the forces which structure our lives.
Written by leading social theorist William Outhwaite
Asks if the notion of society is relevant in the twenty-first…

MacKerron, Gordon - Energy for the Future, ebook

Energy for the Future

MacKerron, Gordon


Table of contents
Part I. The Energy Policy Agenda
1. Introduction: Climate Policy is Energy Policy
Ivan Scrase, Tao Wang, Gordon MacKerron, Francis McGowan, Steve Sorrell
2. International Regimes for Energy: Finding the Right Level for…