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Jari, Väliverronen - Journalism and School Shootings in Finland 2007-2008, ebook

Journalism and School Shootings in Finland 2007-2008

Jari, Väliverronen


Two school shootings in Finland (Jokela in 2007 and Kauhajoki in 2008) resulted in the death of 20 people, and they shook not only the foundations of Finnish society but also of the profession that reported about the tragedies. This report is based on research conducted on school shootings

Suchoples, Jaroslaw - Finland and the United States, 1917-1919 , ebook

Finland and the United States, 1917-1919

Suchoples, Jaroslaw


Finland and the United States, 1917-1919 -Early years of mutual relations The attitude of the American government towards the Finnish problem, which appeared on the international forum after the outbreak of the First World War, was determined by factors going far beyond bilateral

Peltola, Pekka - Finland and National Liberation in Southern Africa, ebook

Finland and National Liberation in Southern Africa

Peltola, Pekka


Finland's special characteristics as a Nordic, non-aligned welfare state gave it the resources and motivation to support liberation movements - in spite of restrictions arising from trade interests and a reluctance to jeopardise the country's neutral…

LingoPix Finlandssvenska

LingoPix Finlandssvenska



LingoPix Finlandssvenska on lapsille ja vasta-alkajille suunnattu ruotsin kielen oppimispeli, jossa opitaan vierasta kieltä äidinkielen oppimisen tavoin. Oppija rakentelee mielenkiintoisia kuvia kuuntelemalla tarkkaan, mitä syntyperäinen opastaja…

Oinonen, Eriikka - Families in Converging Europe, ebook

Families in Converging Europe

Oinonen, Eriikka


Family in Finland and Spain: The Focal Findings
Eriikka Oinonen
Part IV. Family in Converging Europe
10. Integration of European Societies and Family Patterns
Eriikka Oinonen
11. The European Family — Made in the OECD?
Eriikka Oinonen

Hellman, Sonja - Kvinnor utan land: Femton berättelser, ebook

Kvinnor utan land: Femton berättelser

Hellman, Sonja


Sonja Hellman har intervjuat 15 kvinnor som kommer från olika länder men i dag bor i Finland. De har alla muslimsk bakgrund. Det här är kvinnor som sällan själva kommer till tals. Nu berättar de sin historia, om orsakerna till att de lämnade platsen där de föddes, om hur de hamnade

Juti, Blanca - Honest. Finnish. Magic., ebook

Honest. Finnish. Magic.

Juti, Blanca


"Finland seems to be on a roll."
A renowned brand executive's inspiring collection of interviews with people who've all contributed to Finland's recent international accolades in their own way.
Finland tops the world charts in education, child welfare, happiness, as a place to retire,

Kontula, Anna - Scarlet Exodus, ebook

Scarlet Exodus

Kontula, Anna


People in Finland do not end up selling sex due to dire poverty. The decision to take up sex work lies more in the realm of power than economics. In Finland sex work is often undertaken only as a short-term job and is located temporally,