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Emerson, Peter - Designing an All-Inclusive Democracy, ebook

Designing an All-Inclusive Democracy

Emerson, Peter


Designing an All-Inclusive Democracy
2. Collective Decision-making The Modified Borda Count, MBC
3. A Pluralist Parliament for a Plural Society The Quota Borda System, QBS
4. Electing a Power-sharing Executive The Matrix Vote
5. The Art or Science of Manipulation

Laursen, Finn - Designing the European Union, ebook

Designing the European Union

Laursen, Finn


The Treaty of Maastricht: Designing the European Union
Colette Mazzucelli
8. The Amsterdam Treaty: Modest Reforms
Sophie Vanhoonacker
9. The Treaty of Nice: The Inadequate Preparation of Enlargement
Finn Laursen
10. The Constitutional Treaty:

Gschwend, Thomas - Research Design in Political Science, ebook

Research Design in Political Science

Gschwend, Thomas


Introduction: Designing Research in Political Science — A Dialogue between Theory and Data
Thomas Gschwend, Frank Schimmelfennig
Part I. Research Problem
2. Increasing the Relevance of Research Questions: Considerations on Theoretical and Social Relevance

Aro, Jari - Policy Design in the European Union, ebook

Policy Design in the European Union

Aro, Jari


Table of contents
1. The EU: A Deepening, Enlarging or Collapsing Union?
Risto Heiskala, Jari Aro
2. The Emergence of the European Union as a Very Incoherent Empire
Risto Heiskala
3. An Extending Empire of Governance: The EU in Comparison…

Sudoh, Osamu - Digital Economy and Social Design, ebook

Digital Economy and Social Design

Sudoh, Osamu


Table of contents
Part I:.The Macro and Micro Economic Aspect
1. The Knowledge Network in the Digital Economy and Sustainable Development
Osamu Sudoh
2. Controllability of Technological Paradigm Shift and Sustainable Growth: An Empirical…

Pridham, Geoffrey - Designing Democracy, ebook

Designing Democracy

Pridham, Geoffrey


Table of contents
1. Theoretical Perspectives on European Enlargement and Democratisation
Geoffrey Pridham
2. The EU’s Conditionality Strategy: its Development before and after the Fall of Communism
Geoffrey Pridham
3. EU Enlargement,…