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Kruuk, Hans - Otters: ecology, behaviour and conservation, ebook

Otters: ecology, behaviour and conservation

Kruuk, Hans


Otters are highly charismatic and popular animals of very considerable concern to conservationists worldwide. There is a real need for an affordable, well illustrated and appealing text that also contains substantial factual information. This book will... Copying…

Homewood, Katherine - Staying Maasai?, ebook

Staying Maasai?

Homewood, Katherine


Changing Land Use, Livelihoods and Wildlife Conservation in Maasailand
Katherine Homewood, Patti Kristjanson, Pippa Chenevix Trench
2. Methods in the Analysis of Maasai Livelihoods
Suzanne Serneels, Mario Herrero, Shauna BurnSilver, Pippa Chenevix Trench,

Bates, Daniel G. - Human Ecology, ebook

Human Ecology

Bates, Daniel G.


The Conservation Catch-22: Indigenous Peoples and Cultural Change
Flora Lu
7. Does Environmental Talk Equal Environmental Knowledge? An Example from Newfoundland
Craig T. Palmer, Reed L. Wadley
2. Dynamics of Local Food Procurement Systems
8. Tracking

Ryan, Sean - Theorizing Outdoor Recreation and Ecology, ebook

Theorizing Outdoor Recreation and Ecology

Ryan, Sean


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sean Ryan
2. Discourse and Power in Outdoor Recreation
Sean Ryan
3. Humans and Nature
Sean Ryan
4. Tracing and Haunting Humans and/in Nature
Sean Ryan
5. The Nature of Paradoxes/the…