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Mennell, Stephen - The American Civilizing Process, ebook

The American Civilizing Process

Mennell, Stephen

From 29,70€

Since 9/11, the American government has presumed to speak and act in the name of ‘civilization’. But isthat how the rest of the world sees it? And if not, why not?

Stephen Mennell leads up to such contemporary questions through a careful study of the whole span of American

Zaninetti, Jean-Marc - Sustainable Development in the USA, ebook

Sustainable Development in the USA

Zaninetti, Jean-Marc

From 93,05€

After WWII, the United States of America proposed their way of life, based on an unlimited consumption of land, goods, and energy, as a model for the entire world. Nowadays, this expansionist model has reached its limits. This book provides a comprehensive

Bowman, Cara - Race and Immigration, ebook

Race and Immigration

Bowman, Cara

From 23,75€

Immigration has long shaped US society in fundamental ways. With Latinos recently surpassing African Americans as the largest minority group in the US, attention has been focused on the important implications of immigration for the character and role of race in US life,

Fung, Anthony Y. H. - Youth Cultures in China, ebook

Youth Cultures in China

Fung, Anthony Y. H.


What does it mean to be young in a country that is changing so fast? What does it mean to be young in a place ruled by one Party, during a time of intense globalization and exposure to different cultures?
This fascinating and informative book explores the lives of Chinese youth