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Lemelle, Anthony J. - Handbook of African American Health, ebook

Handbook of African American Health

Lemelle, Anthony J.


Conceptual, Operational, and Theoretical Overview of African American Health Related Disparities for Social and Behavioral Interventions
Anthony J. Lemelle
2. Ethics and Intervention Programming
Cynthia Hudley
3. Health, Nutrition, Access to Healthy

Eckermann, Elizabeth - Gender, Lifespan and Quality of Life, ebook

Gender, Lifespan and Quality of Life

Eckermann, Elizabeth


Personal Well-being and Interpersonal Communication of 12–16 Year-Old Girls and Their Own Mothers: Gender and Intergenerational Issues
Mònica González, Cristina Figuer, Sara Malo, Ferran Casas
3. Gender Dimensions of Life Quality for Adults in Australia

Chandler, Robin M. - Women, War, and Violence, ebook

Women, War, and Violence

Chandler, Robin M.


Relationships of War: Mothers, Soldiers, Knowledge
Steven L. Gardiner, Angie Reed Garner
13. Female Participation in the Iraqi Insurgency: Insights into Nationalist and Religious Warfare
Karla J. Cunningham
14. Agency and Militarization in the Heartland:

Fuller, Linda K. - Sport, Rhetoric, and Gender, ebook

Sport, Rhetoric, and Gender

Fuller, Linda K.


“A Glow of Pleasurable Excitement”: Images of the New Athletic Woman in American Popular Culture, 1880–1920
Nancy G. Rosoff
6. A Woman in a Man’s World: “Annie Laurie,” One of America’s First Sportswriters
Mike Sowell
7. White Sauvage-ry: