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Murphy, Kevin P. - Historicising Gender and Sexuality, ebook

Historicising Gender and Sexuality

Murphy, Kevin P.


Historicising Gender and Sexuality features a diverse collection of essays that shed new light on the historical intersections between gender and sexuality across time and space.Features a wide and diverse range of scholarship to explore the historical

Bateman, Victoria - The Sex Factor: How Women Made the West Rich, ebook

The Sex Factor: How Women Made the West Rich

Bateman, Victoria


Why did the West become so rich? Why is inequality rising? How ‘free’ should markets be? And what does sex have to do with it?
In this passionate and skilfully argued book, leading feminist Victoria Bateman shows how we can only understand the burning economic issues of our time

Attwood, Feona - Sex Media, ebook

Sex Media

Attwood, Feona


Media are central to our experiences and understandings of sex, whether in the form of familiar 'mainstream' genres, pornographies and other sex genres, or the new zones, interactions and technosexualities made possible by the internet and mobile devices.

Campbell, Rosie - Internet Sex Work, ebook

Internet Sex Work

Campbell, Rosie


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Technology, Social Change and Commercial Sex Online
Teela Sanders, Jane Scoular, Rosie Campbell, Jane Pitcher, Stewart Cunningham
2. The Digital Sexual Commerce Landscape
Teela Sanders, Jane Scoular, Rosie Campbell, Jane Pitcher, Stewart Cunningham
3. Characteristics and

Forest, Maxime - Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage, ebook

Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage

Forest, Maxime


Institutionalizing Same-Sex Marriage in Argentina and Mexico: The Role of Federalism
Jordi Díez
3. A Tale of Two Congresses: Sex, Institutions, and Evangelicals in Brazil and Chile
Tyler Valiquette, Daniel Waring

Moore, Allison - Childhood and Sexuality, ebook

Childhood and Sexuality

Moore, Allison


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Allison Moore, Paul Reynolds
2. Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Childhood and Sexuality
Allison Moore, Paul Reynolds
3. Law, Policy and Practice: National and International Dimensions
Allison Moore, Paul Reynolds
4. The Age of Consent
Allison Moore, Paul

Ghaziani, Amin - Sex Cultures, ebook

Sex Cultures

Ghaziani, Amin


Why is it so hard to talk about sex and sexuality?
In this crisp and compelling book, Amin Ghaziani provides a pithy introduction to the field of sexuality studies through a distinctively cultural lens. Rather than focusing on sex acts, which make

Casey, Mark E. - Theorizing Intersectionality and Sexuality, ebook

Theorizing Intersectionality and Sexuality

Casey, Mark E.


Intersectionality and Sexuality: The Case of Sexuality and Transgender Equalities Work in UK Local Government
Surya Monro, Diane Richardson
7. Thinking Intersectionality: Sexualities and the Politics of Multiple Identities