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Blatterer, Harry - Modern Privacy, ebook

Modern Privacy

Blatterer, Harry


When Privacy Goes Public: New Media and the Transformation of the Culture of Confession
Günter Burkart
4. Images of Intimacy in Feminist Discussions over Private/Public Boundaries
Pauline Johnson
5. Privacy and Law
Arthur Glass
6. Social Networking,

Hert, Paul De - Enforcing Privacy, ebook

Enforcing Privacy

Hert, Paul De


Failures of Privacy Self-Regulation in the United States
Robert Gellman, Pam Dixon
4. From a Model Pupil to a Problematic Grown-Up: Enforcing Privacy and Data Protection in Hungary
Ivan Szekely
5. A Tale of Two

Tubaro, Paola - Against the Hypothesis of the End of Privacy, ebook

Against the Hypothesis of the End of Privacy

Tubaro, Paola


Three Approaches to Privacy: As Penetration, Regulation, and Negotiation
Paola Tubaro, Antonio A. Casilli, Yasaman Sarabi
Part II. Modeling Privacy: Online Social Structures and Data Architectures
5. Modeling a Complex

Makulilo, Alex B. - African Data Privacy Laws, ebook

African Data Privacy Laws

Makulilo, Alex B.


Data Privacy Law Reforms in Tanzania
Patricia Boshe
9. Data Protection Law in South Africa
Anneliese Roos
10. The Right to Privacy and Data Protection in Ghana
Dominic N. Dagbanja
11. Data Protection in

Hijmans, Hielke - The European Union as Guardian of Internet Privacy, ebook

The European Union as Guardian of Internet Privacy

Hijmans, Hielke


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hielke Hijmans
2. Privacy and Data Protection as Values of the EU That Matter, Also in the Information Society
Hielke Hijmans
3. Internet and Loss of Control in an Era of Big Data and Mass Surveillance
Hielke Hijmans
4. The Mandate of the EU Under Article 16 TFEU and

Ess, Charles - Digital Media Ethics, ebook

Digital Media Ethics

Ess, Charles


It also benefits from extensively updated case-studies and pedagogical material, including examples of “watershed” events such as privacy policy developments on Facebook and Google+ in relation to ongoing changes in privacy