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Lepsius, M. Rainer - Max Weber and Institutional Theory, ebook

Max Weber and Institutional Theory

Lepsius, M. Rainer


Modernization Policy Through Institution Building: Criteria of Institutional Differentiation
M. Rainer Lepsius
7. Trust in Institutions
M. Rainer Lepsius
8. Max Weber’s Concept of Charismatic Authority and Its Applicability to Adolf Hitler’s “Führerstaat”

Field, Bonnie N. - Democracy and Institutional Development, ebook

Democracy and Institutional Development

Field, Bonnie N.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Institutionalization of Democracy in Spain
Bonnie N. Field, Kerstin Hamann
2. Party Development in Democratic Spain: Life-Cycle, Generation, or Period Effect?
Ingrid Biezen
3. Interparty Politics…

Lorenz, Edward - How Europe´s Economies Learn: Coordinating Competing Models, ebook

How Europe´s Economies Learn: Coordinating Competing Models

Lorenz, Edward


Develops an original and policy-relevant framework for analysing the way differences in institutional contexts, such as work organisation, labour markets, education and training systems, financial systems, and systems of social protection, shape learning... Copying to clipboard limited

Dargent, Eduardo - Resource Booms and Institutional Pathways, ebook

Resource Booms and Institutional Pathways

Dargent, Eduardo


Table of contents
1. Cycle of Abundance and Institutional Pathways
Eduardo Dargent, José Carlos Orihuela, Maritza Paredes, María Eugenia Ulfe
2. Deeply Rooted Grievance, Varying Meaning: The Institution of the Mining Canon
Stephan Gruber, José Carlos Orihuela
3. Extracting to Educate? The Commodities Boom,