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West, John - Asian Century… on a Knife-edge, ebook

Asian Century… on a Knife-edge

West, John


Taking Stock of Asia’s Economic and Social Development
2. Asia’s Stunted Economic Development
John West
3. Asia’s Mythical Middle-Class Society
John West
Part II. Seven Challenges for an Asian Century
4. Getting Better Value Out of Global

Lai, Hongyi - Asian Energy Security, ebook

Asian Energy Security

Lai, Hongyi


The Maritime Dimension of Energy Security in East Asia: Legal Implications
Keyuan Zou
7. Traffic Pattern, Safety, and Security in the Straits of Malacca
Takashi Ichioka
8. Piracy and Energy Security in Southeast Asian Waters
Ke Xu
9. The Security

Fels, Enrico - Shifting Power in Asia-Pacific?, ebook

Shifting Power in Asia-Pacific?

Fels, Enrico


Taking Stock of Asia-Pacific’s Tangible Power Changes: Measuring Aggregate Power
Enrico Fels
6. Determining the (Almost) Intangible: Measuring Relational Power
Enrico Fels
7. Australia: Trading with the Dragon, But Flying with the Eagle

Seliger, Bernhard - Towards a Northeast Asian Security Community, ebook

Towards a Northeast Asian Security Community

Seliger, Bernhard


Introduction: Towards a Northeast Asian Security Community and the Role of North Korean Negotiation Tactics
Bernhard Seliger, Werner Pascha
2. From a Fault Line to a Catalyst: An Emerging Korean Confederation and the Contour of a Northeast Asian

Chen, Xin - Maritime Security in East and Southeast Asia, ebook

Maritime Security in East and Southeast Asia

Chen, Xin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Xin Chen, Nicholas Tarling
2. Maritime Security and Piracy
Nicholas Tarling
3. The Straits of Malacca: Malaysia’s Threat Perception and Strategy for Maritime Security
K. S. Balakrishnan, Helena…