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Allmendinger, Philip - Planning Theory, ebook

Planning Theory

Allmendinger, Philip


Planning theory has undergone significant changes during the past two decades. This book provides a wide-ranging and up-to-date analysis of these changes, how they relate to planning practice and their significance. It will be of use to students and academics alike providing an essential

Bauman, Zygmunt - Postmodernity and its Discontents, ebook

Postmodernity and its Discontents

Bauman, Zygmunt


In the postmodern era, the liberty of the individual is the overriding value, the criterion in terms of which all social rules and regulations are assessed. Postmodernity is governed by the 'will to happiness': the result, however, is a sacrificing of security.

Braidotti, Rosi - Metamorphoses: Towards a Materialist Theory of Becoming, ebook

Metamorphoses: Towards a Materialist Theory of Becoming

Braidotti, Rosi

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After a brief flirtation with postmodern thinking in the 1980s, mainstream feminist circles seem to have turned their back on the staple notions of poststructuralist philosophy. Metamorphoses takes stock of the situation and attempts to reset priorities within the

How, Alan R. - Restoring the Classic in Sociology, ebook

Restoring the Classic in Sociology

How, Alan R.


Table of contents
Section 1. The Issue of the Classic
1. Introduction
Alan R. How
2. The Sense of an Ending
Alan R. How
Section 2. The Wider Context: The Past, the Classic, and the Identity of Sociology
3. In Pursuit of Identity: Fragmentation, Conflict and Crisis
Alan R. How
4. On the Antipathy

Endreß, Martin - Zyklos 4, ebook

Zyklos 4

Endreß, Martin


Table of contents
Teil I. Aufsätze
1. Zur Ideengeschichte und ihrer Soziologisierung
Karl Acham
2. Sozialforschungsstelle und die Soziologie »an« und »in« der Universität Münster 1945 bis 1969
Klaus Dammann, Dominik Ghonghadze
3. Zur Marginalisierung von Frauen in der frühen deutschsprachigen Soziologie,

Powell, Anna - Teaching the Gothic, ebook

Teaching the Gothic

Powell, Anna


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Gothic Pedagogies
Anna Powell, Andrew Smith
2. Gothic Criticism: a Survey, 1764–2004
William Hughes
3. Theorizing the Gothic
Jerrold E. Hogle
4. Romantic Gothic
Lauren Fitzgerald
5. Victorian Gothic
Julian Wolfreys
6. Postmodern Gothic