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Badiou, Alain - Cinema, ebook


Badiou, Alain


He contends that cinema is an art form that bears witness to the Other and renders human presence visible, thus testifying to the universal value of human existence and human freedom. Through the experience of viewing, the movement of thought that constitutes

Cesare, Donatella Di - Terror and Modernity, ebook

Terror and Modernity

Cesare, Donatella Di


We are inclined to see terrorist attacks as an aberration, a violent incursion into our lives that bears no intrinsic relation to the fundamental features of modern societies. But does this view misconstrue the relationship between terror and modernity?  
In this book, philosopher

Arons, Wendy - Readings in Performance and Ecology, ebook

Readings in Performance and Ecology

Arons, Wendy


The Silence of the Polar Bears: Performing (Climate) Change in the Theater of Species
Una Chaudhuri
6. Dancing with Monkeys? On Performance Commons and Scientific Experiments
Baz Kershaw
7. Everything à la Giraffe: Science, Performance, and a Spectacular

Bauman, Zygmunt - Globalization: The Human Consequences, ebook

Globalization: The Human Consequences

Bauman, Zygmunt

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The bulk of the population, the 'new middle class', bears the brunt of these problems, and suffers uncertainty, anxiety and fear as a result.

This book is a major contribution to the unfolding debate about globalization, and as such will be of interest to