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Borg, Carmel - Lorenzo Milani’s Culture of Peace, ebook

Lorenzo Milani’s Culture of Peace

Borg, Carmel


Peace and Religion: Then and Now
2. The Catholic, Italian, and Tuscan Ecclesiastical Contexts of Don Milani’s “Letter to the Military Chaplains”
Carmel Borg, Michael Grech
3. Peace and the Religions in a Changing World: From Consensus to Difference

Irvin-Erickson, Douglas - Violence, Religion, Peacemaking, ebook

Violence, Religion, Peacemaking

Irvin-Erickson, Douglas


Remembering Peace in Religious, Ecological, and Economic Terms
Elizabeth Whiting Pierce
7. Historical and Ecological Injustices Through the Lens of Genocide: The United Church of Canada’s Acts of Contrition and the Project to Decolonize North America

Marshall, Ellen Ott - Conflict Transformation and Religion, ebook

Conflict Transformation and Religion

Marshall, Ellen Ott


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Learning Through Conflict, Working for Transformation
Ellen Ott Marshall
2. Transformative Solidarity: International Accompaniment as Conflict Transformation
Sarah MacDonald
3. “Word Made Flesh”:…

Haynes, Jeffrey - Religion and Development, ebook

Religion and Development

Haynes, Jeffrey


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Religion and Development
Jeffrey Haynes
2. Religious Resurgence, Globalisation, and Good Governance
Jeffrey Haynes
3. Religion and Development: The Ambivalence of the Sacred
Jeffrey Haynes
4. Conflict, Conflict Resolution and Peace-building
Jeffrey Haynes

Farouk, Omar - Southeast Asian Muslims in the Era of Globalization, ebook

Southeast Asian Muslims in the Era of Globalization

Farouk, Omar


The Peace Process in Mindanao and Its Global Dimension
Datu Michael O. Mastura, Ishak V. Mastura
10. ‘Red Mosques’: Mitigating Violence Against Sacred Spaces in Thailand and Beyond
Chaiwat Satha-Anand
11. Exploring Gaps Across Religions in Southeast

Barry, Gearóid - The Disarmament of Hatred, ebook

The Disarmament of Hatred

Barry, Gearóid


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gearóid Barry
2. Marc Sangnier’s War, 1914–19
Gearóid Barry
3. Demobilization and Politics, 1919–21
Gearóid Barry
4. #x2018;The Traitor in Berlin’: Paris, Germany and Austria, 1921–2
Gearóid Barry
5. From Pragmatist to Dove: Freiburg-im-Breisgau,