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Ward, Graham - True Religion, ebook

True Religion

Ward, Graham


Refers to plays, poetry, novels, paintings and films, including Romeo and Juliet, Moby Dick, The Exorcist and Stigmata. Suggests that the end of wars between nations could result in a return of wars of faith. Part of the prestigious Blackwell Manifestos series.

Tickle, Phyllis A. - Greed : The Seven Deadly Sins, ebook

Greed : The Seven Deadly Sins

Tickle, Phyllis A.


Looking at such works as the Psychomachia, or "Soul Battle" of the fifth-century poet Aurelius Clemens Prudentius, the paintings of Peter Bruegel and Hieronymous Bosch, the 1987 film Wall Street, and the contemporary Italian artist Mario Donizetti, Tickle shows how