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Beaman, Lori G. - Constructions of Self and Other in Yoga, Travel, and Tourism, ebook

Constructions of Self and Other in Yoga, Travel, and Tourism

Beaman, Lori G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Journey to Elsewhere
Lori G. Beaman, Sonia Sikka
2. Journeys That Go Nowhere: Eurocentric Prejudice and the Refusal to Hear
Sonia Sikka
3. Journey Through the Third Space: Performing Aboriginal Identity Through Historic Re-Enactment Sites
Pamela Lee
4. Transformative

Tamdgidi, Mohammad H. - Gurdjieff and Hypnosis, ebook

Gurdjieff and Hypnosis

Tamdgidi, Mohammad H.


Philosophy: Psychology of a “Tetartocosmos”
Mohammad H. Tamdgidi
4. Philosophy: Epistemology of “Three-Brained Beings”
Mohammad H. Tamdgidi
5. The “Organ Kundabuffer” Theory of Human Disharmonization
Mohammad H. Tamdgidi
6. The Practice

Bechsgaard, Gitte - The Sacred in Exile, ebook

The Sacred in Exile

Bechsgaard, Gitte


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Spiritual Malaise of Our Time
Gillian McCann, Gitte Bechsgaard
2. Religion as Ordering Principle and Higher Law
Gillian McCann, Gitte Bechsgaard
3. The Importance of Self-cultivation
Gillian McCann, Gitte Bechsgaard
4. The Limiting and Structuring Function of

Schmiedel, Ulrich - Elasticized Ecclesiology, ebook

Elasticized Ecclesiology

Schmiedel, Ulrich


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Church(es) in Crisis
Ulrich Schmiedel
2. Chapter 1 The Traces of Trust
Ulrich Schmiedel
3. Chapter 2 The Drive for Difference
Ulrich Schmiedel
4. Chapter 3 The Togetherness of Trust
Ulrich Schmiedel
Part II. Community
5. Chapter 4 The Construction of Community

Barrett, Justin L. - Religious Cognition in China, ebook

Religious Cognition in China

Barrett, Justin L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Homo Religiosus and the Dragon
Justin L. Barrett, Ryan G. Hornbeck
Part I. Reexamining Chinese Religious Exceptionalism
2. Is Chinese (Lack of) Religion Exceptional?
David A. Palmer
3. Chinese Thinking Styles and Religion
Li-Jun Ji, Emily Chan
4. China as the Radical

Strenski, Ivan - Understanding Theories of Religion: An Introduction, ebook

Understanding Theories of Religion: An Introduction

Strenski, Ivan


• A new edition of this introductory text exploring the core methods and theorists in religion, spanning the sixteenth-century through to the latest theoretical trends
• Features an entirely new section covering religion and postmodernism; race, sex, and gender; and religion and postcolonialism

Komjathy, Louis - Introducing Contemplative Studies, ebook

Introducing Contemplative Studies

Komjathy, Louis


The first book-length introduction to an exciting new interdisciplinary field—written by an internationally recognized leader of the Contemplative Studies movement
This is the first book-length introduction to a growing and influential interdisciplinary