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Hämäläinen, Hasse - The Sources of Secularism, ebook

The Sources of Secularism

Hämäläinen, Hasse


Towards a Political Theory of Secularism
Jocelyn Maclure
3. The Idea of Immanence in Charles Taylor’s Philosophy of Religion
Justyna Miklaszewska
4. The Rationality of Secularization
Ulrich Steinvorth
Part II. The Sources of Secularism: Rethinking

Crane, Jonathan K. - Narratives and Jewish Bioethics, ebook

Narratives and Jewish Bioethics

Crane, Jonathan K.


Living to Die: Theo-Political Interpretations
Jonathan K. Crane
5. Dying to Die: Bioethical Interpretations
Jonathan K. Crane
6. Salvaging Stories in and for Jewish Bioethics
Jonathan K. Crane

Calhoun, Craig - Habermas and Religion, ebook

Habermas and Religion

Calhoun, Craig


Habermas and Religion presents a series of original and sustained engagements with Habermas's writing on religion in the public sphere, featuring new work and critical reflections from leading philosophers, social and political theorists, and anthropologists.

Boopalan, Sunder John - Memory, Grief, and Agency, ebook

Memory, Grief, and Agency

Boopalan, Sunder John


Introduction: Political and Theological Framework
Sunder John Boopalan
2. Wrongs and Formations of Violent Identities: Theorizing Caste and Race
Sunder John Boopalan
3. Ethics of Corporeal Obligation: Grammar of the Body and Language of Wrongs

Hutton, Eric L. - Dao Companion to the Philosophy of Xunzi, ebook

Dao Companion to the Philosophy of Xunzi

Hutton, Eric L.


Table of contents
1. Style and Poetic Diction in the Xunzi
Martin Kern
2. Xunzi on Self-Cultivation
Aaron Stalnaker
3. Ethics in the Xunzi
Eric L. Hutton
4. Xunzi’s Political Philosophy
Eirik Lang Harris
5. Xunzi’s Metaethics
David B. Wong
6. Xing and Xunzi’s

Schmiedel, Ulrich - Religion in the European Refugee Crisis, ebook

Religion in the European Refugee Crisis

Schmiedel, Ulrich


Infiltrators, Imposters, or Human Beings? The Slovenian Socio-Political Imaginary, Christianity, and the Responses to the 2015–2016 Migrant Crisis
Gorazd Andrejč
4. Between Traditionalism, Fundamentalism, and Populism: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the