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Hen, Yitzhak - Roman Barbarians, ebook

Roman Barbarians

Hen, Yitzhak


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Yitzhak Hen
2. Adaptation: The Ostrogothic Court of Theoderic the Great
Yitzhak Hen
3. Out of Africa: The Vandal Court of Thrasamund
Yitzhak Hen
4. Before and…

Quensel, Stephan - Ketzer, Kreuzzüge, Inquisition, ebook

Ketzer, Kreuzzüge, Inquisition

Quensel, Stephan


Table of contents
1. Orte und Zeiten. Ein ‚Reisebericht‘ aus dem Languedoc
Stephan Quensel
2. Der polit-ökonomische Rahmen
Stephan Quensel
3. Die religiös kirchliche Dimension
Stephan Quensel
4. Der kulturelle ‚Überbau‘:…

Donno, Fabrizio - Beyond Catholicism, ebook

Beyond Catholicism

Donno, Fabrizio


Bibles, Saints, and Heresies in Medieval and Early Modern Italy
2. Romancing the Gospel: Italian Vernacular Scripture in the Middle Ages
Brenda Deen Schildgen
3. Preaching, Heresy, and the Writing of Female Hagiography
Beverly Mayne Kienzle, Travis

Wood, Susan - The Proprietary Church in the Medieval West, ebook

The Proprietary Church in the Medieval West

Wood, Susan


This book examines in what ways and how far medieval churches were treated as items of property. It ranges over most of Western Europe, from beginnings in the late Roman Empire and post-Roman kingdoms, into the Carolingian empire and its neighbours and

Bottigheimer, Ruth B. - Magic Tales and Fairy Tale Magic, ebook

Magic Tales and Fairy Tale Magic

Bottigheimer, Ruth B.


Magic Tales in Medieval Christian Europe
Ruth B. Bottigheimer
5. Magic Tales in the Muslim Middle Ages
Ruth B. Bottigheimer
6. Magic at Court and on the Piazza
Ruth B. Bottigheimer
7. The Problematics of Magic on the Threshold of Fairy Tale

Dillinger, Johannes - Magical Treasure Hunting in Europe and North America, ebook

Magical Treasure Hunting in Europe and North America

Dillinger, Johannes


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Treasures and Magic
Johannes Dillinger
2. The Treasure in Law and Early Archaeology
Johannes Dillinger
3. Medieval Treasure Lore
Johannes Dillinger
4. The Magical Treasure and Its Guardians
Johannes Dillinger
5. Treasure Hunters’ Magic
Johannes Dillinger

Roudinesco, Elisabeth - Revisiting the Jewish Question, ebook

Revisiting the Jewish Question

Roudinesco, Elisabeth


We need, first, to distinguish between the anti-Judaism of medieval times, which persecuted the Jews, and the anti-Judaism of the Enlightenment, which emancipated them while being critical of their religion. It is a mistake to confuse the two and see everyone from