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Booth, General Bramwell - Our Master, ebook

Our Master

Booth, General Bramwell


A fascinating bible study on the life of Jesus by the first Chief of Staff and second General of the Salvation Army, General Bramwell Booth.

Sznaider, Natan - Jewish Memory And the Cosmopolitan Order, ebook

Jewish Memory And the Cosmopolitan Order

Sznaider, Natan


Natan Sznaider offers a highly original account of Jewish memory and politics before and after the Holocaust. It seeks to recover an aspect of Jewish identity that has been almost completely lost today - namely, that throughout much of their history Jews…

Campbell, Jonathan G. - Deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls, ebook

Deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls

Campbell, Jonathan G.


Introduces the Qumran Scrolls to the uninitiated general reader. Explains how revolutionary the discovery of the Scrolls was and their enduring significance. Sets the Scrolls within the wider context of Jewish history and religion of the second temple period. Now expanded

Rowland, Tracey - Ratzinger's Faith : The Theology of Pope Benedict XVI, ebook

Ratzinger's Faith : The Theology of Pope Benedict XVI

Rowland, Tracey


- ;A general introduction to the theology of Pope Benedict XVI, including his approach to issues in moral and political theology, ecclesiology, liturgy, interpretations of the of the documents of the Second Vatican Council, and the theology of history. Tracey Rowland

Freston, Paul - Evangelical Christianity and Democracy in Latin America, ebook

Evangelical Christianity and Democracy in Latin America

Freston, Paul


At the same time, the region is among the most generally democratic outside the West, despite often being labeled as 'underdeveloped.' Scholars disagree whether Latin American Protestantism, as a fast-growing and predominantly lower-class phenomenon, will encourage