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Cooper, Lynne - Business NLP For Dummies, ebook

Business NLP For Dummies

Cooper, Lynne


Achieve business success with Neuro-linguistic Programming
People around the globe use NLP to improve their communication skills, build rapport, make positive changes, and accomplish their goals. When used in a business context, NLP techniques can transform both your own and your

Stein, Steven J. - Emotional Intelligence For Dummies, ebook

Emotional Intelligence For Dummies

Stein, Steven J.


Take control of your emotions to achieve success in the workplace and happiness at home
Being aware of and able to control your emotions is oneof the keys to success in life, both professionally and personally.

McMahon, Gladeana - Performance Coaching For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Performance Coaching For Dummies®

McMahon, Gladeana


Performance coaching is a modern and rapidly growing method used to assist development, and involves helping individuals to improve their performance in all areas of their life, with a particular emphasis on the workplace. Performance coaching draws parallels with NLP and often focuses on

Burke, Adam - Handbook of Mindfulness, ebook

Handbook of Mindfulness

Burke, Adam


Using a Mindfulness-Oriented Academic Success Course to Reduce Self-limiting Social Stereotypes in a Higher Education Context
Adam Burke
Part V. Commentary
32. Meditation Matters: Replies to the Anti-McMindfulness Bandwagon!
Rick Repetti
33. Criticism