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Tsur, Reuven - On the Shore of Nothingness, ebook

On the Shore of Nothingness

Tsur, Reuven


This book studies how poetic structure transforms verbal imitations of religious experience into concepts. The book investigates how such a conceptual language can convey such non-conceptual experiences as meditation, ecstasy or mystic insights. Briefly,…

Wallin, Jason J. - A Deleuzian Approach to Curriculum, ebook

A Deleuzian Approach to Curriculum

Wallin, Jason J.


The Illusion of Transcendence and the Ontology of Immanence
Jason J. Wallin
3. Powers of the False and the Problematics of the Simulacrum
Jason J. Wallin
4. Becoming-Nomad
Jason J. Wallin
5. Becoming-Music: Improvisation and Instrumentalism

Eid, Michael - The Happy Mind: Cognitive Contributions to Well-Being, ebook

The Happy Mind: Cognitive Contributions to Well-Being

Eid, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction to the Happy Mind: Cognitive Contributions to Well-Being
Michael D. Robinson, Michael Eid
Part I. The Mind
2. Attention, Emotion, and Well-Being: An Adult Lifespan Perspective
Kimberly M. Livingstone, Derek M. Isaacowitz
3. Mindfulness and Well-Being
Hooria Jazaieri,

Batthyány, Alexander - Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, ebook

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

Batthyány, Alexander


Meaning-Seeking, Self-Transcendence, and Well-being
Paul T. P. Wong
28. Laudatio for Eleonore Frankl
Dmitry Leontiev
Part V. Philosophy
29. What Are Minds For?
John Beloff
30. Towards a Tri-Dimensional Model of Happiness: A Logo-Philosophical