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Christenson, Sandra L. - Handbook of Research on Student Engagement, ebook

Handbook of Research on Student Engagement

Christenson, Sandra L.


Developmental Dynamics of Student Engagement, Coping, and Everyday Resilience
Ellen A. Skinner, Jennifer R. Pitzer
3. Engagement Across Developmental Periods
Duhita Mahatmya, Brenda J. Lohman, Jennifer L. Matjasko, Amy Feldman Farb
4. Ethnicity and

Desforges, Charles - Teaching and Learning: The Essential Readings, ebook

Teaching and Learning: The Essential Readings

Desforges, Charles


This is the first collection of key articles on the psychology behind educational attainment. It brings together in one volume for students a set of accessible but influential papers, representing the best classic and cutting edge work in the field.

Willoughby, Teena - Children's Learning in a Digital World, ebook

Children's Learning in a Digital World

Willoughby, Teena


Children's Learning in a Digital World presents exciting and challenging new ideas from international scholars on the impact of computers, the Internet, and video games on children's learning.
Features exciting new research which reassesses the threats posed by technology to the social,

Brooks, Patricia J. - Teaching Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach, ebook

Teaching Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach

Brooks, Patricia J.


A guide to an evidence-based approach for teaching college-level psychology courses
Teaching Psychology offers an evidence-based, student-centered approach that is filled with suggestions, ideas, and practices for teaching college-level courses in ways that contribute to student