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Carr, Stuart C. - Humanitarian Work Psychology, ebook

Humanitarian Work Psychology

Carr, Stuart C.


Women, Work and Poverty: Reflections on Research for Social Change
Virginia E. Schein
12. Online Volunteers and SmartAid
Stephen G. Atkins, Lori Foster Thompson
13. Building Digital Bridges: The Digital Divide and Humanitarian Work Psychology’s Online

Brown, Louis D. - Mental Health Self-Help, ebook

Mental Health Self-Help

Brown, Louis D.


Participatory Action Research and Evaluation with Mental Health Self-Help Initiatives: A Theoretical Framework
Geoffrey Nelson, Rich Janzen, Joanna Ochocka, John Trainor
4. The Contributions of Mutual Help Groups for Mental Health Problems to Psychological

Keen, Suzanne - Empathy and the Novel, ebook

Empathy and the Novel

Keen, Suzanne


2 The celebration of novel reading as a stimulus to the role-taking imagination and emotional responsiveness of readers-in countless reading group guides and books on the virtues of reading, in character education curricula, and in public defenses of humanities funding-augments

Weist, Mark D. - Handbook of School Mental Health, ebook

Handbook of School Mental Health

Weist, Mark D.


Foundations: Funding, Training, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration
2. Funding Expanded School Mental Health Programs
Nicole L. Cammack, Nicole Evangelista Brandt, Eric Slade, Nancy A. Lever, Sharon Stephan
3. Preparing School Mental Health Professionals: