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James, Larry - Handbook of Obesity Intervention for the Lifespan, ebook

Handbook of Obesity Intervention for the Lifespan

James, Larry


Childhood Obesity Treatment Literature Review
Wendy L. Ward-Begnoche, Tracie L. Pasold, Vicki McNeill, K. Deane Peck, Samiya Razzaq, E. McCrea Fry, Karen L. Young
4. Practical Guidelines for Childhood Obesity Interventions
K. Beth Yano, Jenny Ebesutani,

Hamid, Tarek K. A. - Thinking in Circles About Obesity, ebook

Thinking in Circles About Obesity

Hamid, Tarek K. A.


Table of contents
1. Like Boiled Frogs
Tarek K.A. Hamid
2. Unbalanced Act
Tarek K.A. Hamid
3. Human–Environment Interactions: Not One Way … and Not One-Way
Tarek K.A. Hamid
4. Tilting the Energy Balance: More Energy In

Furth, Eric van - Handbook of Eating Disorders, ebook

Handbook of Eating Disorders

Furth, Eric van


This second edition of the Handbook of Eating Disorders offers a comprehensive, critical account of the whole field of eating disorders, incorporating both basic knowledge and a synthesis of the most recent developments in the area.

Many of the important developments in recent years are reflected in this expanded

Garbarino, James - A Child's Right to a Healthy Environment, ebook

A Child's Right to a Healthy Environment

Garbarino, James


A Child’s Right to an Environment That Prevents Obesity: Ethical Considerations
Garry Sigman
10. Anchoring and Empowering Children: A Child’s Right to Participation Within a Healthy Environment
Edmund B. Bruyere
11. Child Slavery and the Global

Tercyak, Kenneth P. - Handbook of Genomics and the Family, ebook

Handbook of Genomics and the Family

Tercyak, Kenneth P.


Table of contents
1. Key Concepts in Human Genomics and Epidemiology
Offie P. Soldin, Christopher A. Loffredo
2. Psychological Genetics: Understanding the Nature of Psychological Differences Through Etiology
Kristian E. Markon
3. Understanding Gene, Environment, and Gene × Environment Interaction Effects:

Buder, Jürgen - Informational Environments, ebook

Informational Environments

Buder, Jürgen


Managing Obesity Prevention Using Digital Media: A Double-Sided Approach
Guido Zurstiege, Stephan Zipfel, Alexander Ort, Isabelle Mack, Tino G. K. Meitz, Norbert Schäffeler
6. Using Digital Media to Assess and Promote School and Adult Education Teacher Competence