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Hollway, Wendy - Knowing Mothers, ebook

Knowing Mothers

Hollway, Wendy


Knowing Mothers, Researching Becoming
Wendy Hollway
2. Empirical Psycho-Social Research: Design and Psychoanalytically Informed Principles
Wendy Hollway
3. The Reality of Being a Young Mother: Agency, Imagination

Urban, Marsha - Seventeenth-Century Mother’s Advice Books, ebook

Seventeenth-Century Mother’s Advice Books

Urban, Marsha


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Marsha Urban
2. Mothers, Wives, Widows, and Mother’s Advice Books of the Seventeenth Century
Marsha Urban
3. The Author and the Text
Marsha Urban
4. Age Rectified—The Edition
Marsha Urban

Danro, Aneina - Be Smart in Everything That Matters, ebook

Be Smart in Everything That Matters

Danro, Aneina


The marriage section starts with preparing for marriage, getting married to the right person, going on to the first night, honeymoon destinations and dealing with your mother-in-law. Often, some people are just talented when it comes to handling money and how to make

Dottolo, Andrea L. - Italian American Women, Food, and Identity, ebook

Italian American Women, Food, and Identity

Dottolo, Andrea L.


“But My Mother Ruled the Table”: Food and Power
Andrea L. Dottolo, Carol Dottolo
7. Method: How to Survive Writing a Book with Your Mother/Daughter
Andrea L. Dottolo, Carol Dottolo
8. “Beat Everything”: The Recipes
Andrea L. Dottolo, Carol

Halpern, Diane F. - Changing Realities of Work and Family, ebook

Changing Realities of Work and Family

Halpern, Diane F.


The book Brings together works by an extraordinary list of contributors, including Jane Swift, former governor of Massachusetts; practitioners from industry; the leading attorney in discrimination against mothers and pregnant women; and outstanding academics from

Ryder, Richard D. - Nelson, Hitler and Diana, ebook

Nelson, Hitler and Diana

Ryder, Richard D.


Beneath their obvious differences he finds striking similarities in their backgrounds and early experience, especially being deprived of their mothers' love. In a short Epilogue the author asks what lessons might be learned for the future from these three famous figures