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Yamagishi, Toshio - Trust, ebook


Yamagishi, Toshio


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Toshio Yamagishi
2. Paradoxes of Trust
Toshio Yamagishi
3. Conceptual Clarifications
Toshio Yamagishi
4. The Emancipation Theory of Trust
Toshio Yamagishi
5. Assurance in Japan, Trust in the US
Toshio Yamagishi
6. Trust and Commitment Formation

Fujita, Kazuo - Origins of the Social Mind, ebook

Origins of the Social Mind

Fujita, Kazuo


Table of contents
Part I. Phylogeny of Social Cognition
1. Social Intelligence in Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus apella)
Kazuo Fujita, Hika Kuroshima, Yuko Hattori, Makoto Takahashi
2. Communication Between Mother and Infant Chimpanzees and Its…

Chervenkova, Velizara - Japanese Psychotherapies, ebook

Japanese Psychotherapies

Chervenkova, Velizara


Japan—A Land on the Edge of the World
3. Traveling in Silence—An Attempt for Cultural–Anthropological Reading of the Japanese Kokoro *
Velizara Chervenkova
4. Silence Takes Shape—The Birth of the Japanese Psychotherapies

Lewis, Milton - Mental Health in Asia and the Pacific, ebook

Mental Health in Asia and the Pacific

Lewis, Milton


Mental Health System in Japan After the Meiji Restoration: Historical Observations
Naotaka Shinfuku
7. A History of Mental Healthcare in Taiwan
Harry Yi-Jui Wu, Andrew Tai-Ann Cheng
8. Mental Health in Thailand: Historical and Cultural Perspectives