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Way, Lori - Representations of Internarrative Identity, ebook

Representations of Internarrative Identity

Way, Lori


Internarrative Identity as Redefining Self
1. Hegemonic Masculinity and Profeminism: Using Internarrative Identity and Intersectionality to Move Beyond Neoliberal Imperialism
Paula Ashe
2. Internarrative Identity

Lindgren, Mia - Reconstructing Identity, ebook

Reconstructing Identity

Lindgren, Mia


Queering Identity: Becoming Queer in the Work of Cassils
Cath Lambert
8. Forms of Self-Translation
Rita Wilson
Section 3. Creating and Mediating Identity
9. Autoethnographic Journalism: Subjectivity and Emotionality in Audio Storytelling

Christodoulou, Jacqueline Ann - Identity, Health and Women, ebook

Identity, Health and Women

Christodoulou, Jacqueline Ann


Feminist as Far as Possible — The Feminist Health Identity and Critical Realism
Jacqueline Ann Christodoulou
5. Investigating Women’s Health: The Story So Far
Jacqueline Ann Christodoulou
Part II. Voice
6. Narrative Touchstones of the Storied

Branković, Marija - Shaping Social Identities After Violent Conflict, ebook

Shaping Social Identities After Violent Conflict

Branković, Marija


Setting the Stage: Research on National, Ethnic, and Religious Identities after the Recent Violent Conflicts in the Western Balkans
Marija Branković, Vladimir Turjačanin, Edona Maloku
3. Methods Section: Quantitative and Qualitative Examination of Social