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Sointu, Eeva - Theorizing Complementary and Alternative Medicines, ebook

Theorizing Complementary and Alternative Medicines

Sointu, Eeva


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Eeva Sointu
2. Landscapes of Complementary and Alternative Health
Eeva Sointu
3. Wellbeing, Selfhood and Subjectivity
Eeva Sointu
4. Gendering the Search for Wellbeing
Eeva Sointu
5. Prescription: Recognition
Eeva Sointu
6. Negotiating Therapeutic Legitimacy

Hanser, Suzanne B. - Integrative Health through Music Therapy, ebook

Integrative Health through Music Therapy

Hanser, Suzanne B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Suzanne B. Hanser
Part I. Maps for the Journey
2. In Sickness and in Health
Suzanne B. Hanser
3. Integration: Medicine, Health, and Empowerment
Suzanne B. Hanser
4. Holistic Healing
Suzanne B. Hanser
5. Roots of Healing Music
Suzanne Hanser

Weatherill, Rob - Our Last Great Illusion, ebook

Our Last Great Illusion

Weatherill, Rob


The dominant ethos is a holistic one. This book aims to refute, primarily through the prism of modern psychoanalysis and key theorists like Baudrillard, Levinas, Lyotard, Paz, Steiner, Reiff as well as Žižek, the fashion for a return to a pre-Cartesian ideal of harmony

Alfano, Mark - Moral Psychology: An Introduction, ebook

Moral Psychology: An Introduction

Alfano, Mark


He advocates and demonstrates a holistic vision that pictures moral psychology as a project of collaborative inquiry into the descriptive and normative aspects of the human condition.
Featuring a glossary of technical terms, further reading sections and chapter-by-chapter