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Kelly, Wendy - Understanding Children in Foster Care, ebook

Understanding Children in Foster Care

Kelly, Wendy


Table of contents
Part I. Maltreatment and Mental Health
1. The Context of Foster Care
Wendy Kelly
2. Early Maltreatment
Wendy Kelly
3. Foster Children’s Well-Being and Mental Health
Wendy Kelly
Part II. Attachment and Mind-Mindedness
4. Attachment: The Meeting of Hearts
Wendy Kelly

Jackson, Barbara J. - Follow-Up for NICU Graduates, ebook

Follow-Up for NICU Graduates

Jackson, Barbara J.


Social-Emotional Development in Early Childhood: Normative, NICU Considerations, and Application in NICU Follow-Up Programs for At-Risk Infants and Their Families
Robin H. Adair
Part III. Populations at Risk
5. Premature